Citizens of the 'verse.

I come to welcome you to the home of the Free Worlds League in Chris Robert's epic space game Star Citizen. In the hopes of keeping the best group of gamers together across several games and genres, this will be our first true attempt at supporting a multi-gaming org through this site.

Several of our member units have already established a presence in the 'verse, those known at this time are:

Curse Alliance: A Hardcore Syndicate formed by the Vengeance of the Fallen.
Marik Gunfighters: A Casual Organization formed by who else? The Marik Gunfighter Alliance.
Rattus Ex Machina: A Regular Organization formed by the Desert Rats.
Redmoon Angels: A Regular Corporation formed by, you guessed it, The Redmoon Angels.

These represent those known to us at this time, but I fully expect the number of these Orgs to grow and be as diverse as you all have helped House Marik grow over the years.

Also, with the recent addition of the ability to join multiple Orgs, we've set up the FWLM "OverOrg" HERE, and we'd encourage all members to join that as well. Additionally, with that ability, soon we will be reaching out to other Orgs as affiliates so as to make our presence as strong a force as possible, some of you had already joined Orgs outside of the FWLM units prior to our starting this process, so if you plan on staying with them, try to encourage them to join our affiliate program once we get that running.

In order to keep the worlds semi-separate (and with the addition of affiliates), I'll be beginning a limited tagging process for here as well. I don't feel the need to make it as extensive as it is on the MWO side of things at this time (Pretty sure the RMAs are going to be RMAs here, MGA, etc), but we'll see how it goes. And yes, it will require filling out an application (Don't worry, right now, it's a REALLY small application) to get your Star Citizen tags for permissions on this side of things.

Now to find a way to explain how all these damn Mariks found themselves in this 'verse.
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